Preventative Roof Maintenance

With the proper care you can extend the life of your roof past it warranty.

Getting your roof inspected twice  a year preferable in the spring and fall is  a good start in maintaining the integrity of your roof.

In addtion to having you roof inspected by us there is other preventative measures that can be taken.

  • Maintain records. Keep on file the guarantee, inspection reports, repair and maintenance bills, and original construction specs and invoices.
  • Conduct routine inspections at least once per year (although, spring and fall are optimal).
  • Inspect after severe weather. Don’t wait for a leak to appear; go out after a hailstorm, heavy rain, and high wind and check for yourself.
  • Repair correctly. In order to protect the warranty, make sure repairs are performed by an authorized contractor and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for repair and installation.
  • Always remove debris from the roof. Leaves, branches, rocks, and trash can cause a safety hazard and harm the roofing system.
  • Keep metal in good condition. Examine all the flashings for rust, damage, or deterioration, as these are common points for water entry.
  • Make sure masonry is in good condition. Examine walls for cracks, loose stones, or deteriorated sealant.
  • Maintain rooftop equipment. Check out air conditioners, vents, duct work, skylights, satellite dishes, and antennas.
  • Eliminate spills of coolant, oils, or grease and repair if necessary.
  • Minimize rooftop traffic. Long-term traffic can wear out a roof and cause damage. Maintain a rooftop log so you know who has been on the roof from other trade